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    BIM composition

    • User-friendly and modern Mac interface
    • You can attach any kind of data to the elements of your 3D model, making it a complete and powerful building database
    • Create and compose your BIM hierarchy and visualize it alongside the imported ones
    • Add BIM entity and connect it with geometry via drag & drop of your imported geometric components
    • Add quantities and properties from standard IFC™ sets or create and manage yours with our integrated dictionaries
    • Edit your attributes, quantities or properties massively, on multiple entities at once
    • Locate your components by simply clicking on a map
    • Follow history of operators on any individual components
    • Manage privacy
    • Save and enhance your work into our BOA file format
    • Undo/Redo everywhere

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    • Visually navigate through your model
    • Pixel accurate selection of the model components into the 3D view
    • Intuitive and powerful hierarchical selection and pass through selection
    • Hide and show any scene components including rendering styles and store all the states into a view

    • Visually show the connections between all of the components of your model, simplifying its understanding and management
    • Easy navigation through the links
    • No need to select an element to modify its attributes

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    • Dramatically improve your message with top notch real time rendering features
    • Metal powered rendering view, with fine details, antialiasing and Retina support
    • Custom rendering option set to any of your entity (you can create any number of these sets)
    • Fully configurable camera and orthographic camera
    • Compose your rendering sets according to your wishes
    • Accurate per pixel transparency (with fresnel term, etc.)
    • Cut planes to reveal the most important details
    • X-Ray
    • Basic lighting features and Heliodon
    • Textures and transparency

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    • SKP and SKB file formats (Sketchup™ up to 2018 version)
    • 3Dxx file format (3DTurbo™ up to version 20)
    • DXF file format (AutoCAD™)
    • FBX file format (Autodesk™ up to 2018 version)
    • OBJ and MTL file formats (Wavefront™)
    • 3DS file format (3DStudio™)
    • STL file format (3D Systems™)
    • DAE file format (Collada™)
    • ABC file format (Alembic™)

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    Built on Mac for the Mac

    • Use the last macOS features, as iCloud Drive, Metal, Grand Central Dispatch, etc.
    • Optimized for 64 bits and multicore processors
    • Retina, multi-monitors, multi tabs…

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    • Extend capabilities directly into the software (in-App purchase)
    • Export your BIM model in the IFC2x3™ industry standard (you can then import it into leading BIM design software, as Revit™, ArchiCAD™, …)
    • Misconceptions and issues are displayed into the console
    • Add powerful searching filtering and capture tools to extract specific data from your models
    • Selection objects as bookmarks of your searching results.