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    Built on Mac, for the Mac, uses last macOS technologies: Metal, Grand Central Dispatch, Tab windows, …
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    My Image allows you to produce BIM contents a posteriori, keeping your mind away from BIM related issues, all along your processes of design or drawing.

    My Image

    Simply create an independent BIM hierarchy, and establish connections between its components and the imported geometry with drag & drop.

    My Image is the perfect tool to browse your BIM data sea. You can visually navigate through your model thanks to our connection area.

    My Image manages standard IFC quantities and properties, and if required, you can extend the predefined dictionaries with your own templates.

    My Image is also a powerful 3D visualization tool. It can dynamically render your model, and take advantage of the Metal API to show explicit details with many kinds of rendering options and tools.

    My Image is free, but you can extend it with the PREMIUM PACK. It allows IFC (buildingSMART™) export of your models, and unlock the powerful searching tools.

    My Image requires:
    • a Metal compliant 3D graphic device
    • macOS 10.11+

    My Image

    Best suited for:
    • Retina displays
    • Gesture compliant devices